I love ART.





If there is one thing that pisses me off is the Nairobi weather. Its so confused, actually more confused
than a girl on her periods, did I have to use that comparison? Pardon me, I just did.

Awkward comparisons reminds me of my computer programming classes. We had this particular
lecturer, who instead of giving us an algorithm of creating a particular program , would give us a
procedure of preparing porridge, ugali or even getting your way from one point of the school to
another. So for the first few weeks of the semester he was my best lecturer , coz he only taught of
porridge ,ugali, githeri and as a girl, my mind would automatically switch to that kitchen mood ,but my
worst moment with ugalis and githeris came when I was in the exam room.
I was seated so confident and comfortably at the most…

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